Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for Rutland Youth Choirs?
Young Voices is for Years 1-4 (aged 5-8), and Junior Choir is for Years 5-9 (aged 9-14). 

When and where are rehearsals held? 
Information about timings for the two choirs can be found here. Rehearsals are held in All Saints' Church, Oakham. 

Can we join at any time in the year?
Yes! We are always happy to hear from prospective members. You're welcome to join us for a free trial session before deciding if you'd like to become a full member. You don't need to give us advance notice if you'd like to turn up, though you're welcome to get in touch via our website with any questions. 

Is there an audition process? 
No, there's no audition process. 

Do you have to read music to join?
No, no prior knowledge is required. We will gradually build sight-singing and theory skills over time to help all our members.

How much does it cost to join the choir? Is there financial assistance available? 
Information on our fee structure can be found here. Financial circumstances should not be a barrier to singing in Rutland Youth Choirs and we have financial support available. 

Where can I register my child for Rutland Youth Choirs?
Please fill in this form here. If you have any questions or issues, please text/ring Susie on 07809 229292. 

I don't live in Rutland. Can I still join?
Yes, absolutely! Young singers from neighbouring counties are welcome to join. 

We're worried about travelling to rehearsals and finding it hard to commit as a family. What should we do?
We will do our best to help you find ways of sharing travel arrangements with other Rutland Youth Choir members in your area. Get in touch and we'll see how we can help! 

My child is a member and needs a new polo shirt. Where can I get one?
Please follow this link.

Do parents/guardians have to stay in the building for the rehearsal?
No, we'd ask that you please leave the church for the rehearsal and come back to pick your child up at the end.

Is there a parent volunteer programme? 
We are seeking volunteer chaperones to join our team looking after the children who participate in our weekly rehearsals. If you are keen to help, please read this page and get in touch via our contact form. Full training will be provided. 

Is there parking at the rehearsal venue? 
Church Street Car Park has plenty of parking just outside the church, and there are usually spaces on the road, too. 

Can I give permission for my child to be picked up by someone else/for them to make their own way home?
Yes, please let one of our volunteers know at the beginning of a session, or email us

My child has a specific learning difficulty or disability. Can they still join?
Yes, we would love to hear from you and are commited to being inclusive, accommodating the needs of all members. Research has shown that music can be beneficial for children with learning difficulties, such as ADHD and dyslexia, as it can help improve their language skills, memory and concentration. There is space on the registration form to communicate any special needs your child may have. We will aim to provide additional support or alternative methods of instruction, as necesssary, to make the experience positive and enjoyable. 

My son's voice is changing. Can he still join?
We welcome boys with changing voices and will carefully nurture them through this process, placing them in the appropriate voice part; this should not be a barrier to joining. 

Will there be concerts and performance opportunities?
We work towards a performance at the end of each term for family and friends. There are also plenty of opportunities to collaborate with professional and amateur ensembles in our local area. So far, we have performed with professional choir, Ikon Singers at Christmas, joined Rutland Choral Society for their 'Chichester Psalms' concert, and sung to residents at Saxon Gardens in Oakham. We have plenty of opportunities planned for the future! 

I have a teenager who loves singing but is too old for the Junior Choir. Do you have a choir for them?
We'd be very happy to hear from you and see how we can include your teenager in our programme - we hope to expand our Rutland Youth Choirs provision to older children more formally soon, so please send us an email.

What is your safeguarding provision?
The safety and wellbeing of our young members, staff and volunteers is integral to the running of our organisation. All our staff and volunteers who come into contact with our members are checked by the UK Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service and must adhere to our Safeguarding Policy and procedures. These DBS checks are reviewed every three years. We have a Safeguarding Lead who regularly reviews our safeguarding procedures and ensures that all staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities in keeping our members safe. Please get in touch if you have any safeguarding quereies or concerns.
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